Beta Release 3

This release includes some new features, bug fixes and changes in the device library.

New Features

Module Max, Min and Park
Module Gobo Control

Module Improvements

Module Beam
Module Media View

Bug Fixes

various bug fixes

Device Template Library

Left the official QLC+ project; we're using the .qxf format

New Fixtures added: Briteq BTX Saturn 270W, Chauvet Maverick MK3 Profile-CX, Coemar LEDko FullSpectrum 6, Elation Proteus Hybrid, Eurolite LED TMH X10, Futurelight EYE 7 i

Gobo Presets added: Clay-Paky, Contest, DTS, Dune_Ligting, Elation, Elumen8, Clay-Paky, Contest, DTS, Dune_Ligting, Elation, Elumen8

Minor Releases 1

Here are listed minor releases of patch or improvement software:

1st February 2021 - Device Template Database (DB) 1.1.11

5th January 2021 - Device Template Database (DB) 1.1.9

Beta Release 2

This release includes some bug fixes and some new features.

New Features

Module Delay & Wait
Module Beam Picker
Module Media Control - Audio Only
Module French
Soft Shutdown

Bug Fixes

Improved symbols and behaviour of the on screen keyboard
Fixed console lock for buttons and faders
Added a forced restart for some modules

Beta Release

This is the first release of the console software so it only includes intial features.

New Features

Software to run all electronics
Customised Linux operating system
Library of device templates
Update via USB and directly from
Ethernet and WiFi network settings
Patching and patch management
Controlling device intensity, colour, position, beam and gobo
Saving and playing back memories
Saving steps and playing back a sequence
Saving show files and loading them again
Settings access accounts intergrated with
Module license mangement intergraged with