Frequently asked Questions

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Why are there Sequence-Steps even if I saved a new show?

If you start your console, the last show you worked on, will be loaded. So if you change some things on this show, maybe in the patchlist, deleting or adding devices, saving memories and the save this show under a new name, the sequence-list will remain. It's a simple overwriting of the old show. 
So if you want to start a new show, please go to the Settings View and tap on Open Show, afterwards choose a blank show with no devices in it or your template show created for your venue with all your devices. 

I can't find my Device in the Ray Console Library - what can I do?

Ray Console has a library of device templates based on the QLC+ Project.
Of course not every device of every manufacturer can be found in there. But we are endeavouring to grow our library. 

So please send us the full name of your needed device, in best case with the manual and/or DMX-Chart. Afterwards we will create your device and add it to the Ray Console Library. Please be aware that it can take along to 5 working days. A Library Software Update will install the required device on your console.

My Ray Console crushed - what can I do?

It may occure that the Ray Console Software crushes. First try a Restart, by pressing the [Power Off Button] shortly and then choose Restart.
If this option is not working, make a hard shutdown by pressing the [Power Off Button] for 10 seconds. Afterwards restart the console.