Q-Ray Console 24

Lighting control console with 18 dedicated device faders, 6 configurable memory faders and a crossfader.
All Ray Consoles contain an extendable software, so that you only pay for the functions you need.
Rich feedback is provided by over 400 leds and a intuitive touch screen, enabling a novice user to quickly start creating lighting.
All Ray Console products are engineered to last, with quality components and strong mechanical design. This console is an excellent long term investment.



1.5mm steel housing

38/26 faders with button and 11 LEDs

Dedicated cross fader and GO button

12 RGB lit function buttons

10.1” full capacitive touch screen

XLR for desk lamp

One USB 2.0

Power Button


Audio in 3.5mm jack

Audio out 3.5mm jack

Ethernet RJ45

Wifi for connecting to rayconsole.com

2 x USB 2.0

DVI for external monitor


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Q-Ray Console 24 Layout



Extendable modular software

2 Universes, extendable to 4

4 pages of memories, extendable to 999

1 page of devices, extendable to 99

Graphical layout of devices

Graphical RGB colour picker

Inbuilt context help

Browsable digital manual

Comprehensive undo list

Secure settings area

Over 1’400 device templates

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Lumen Radio wireless

Handheld remote

ArtNet and sACN software modules

Countless further software modules

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Quality and Innovation


Engineered to last

Shielded by a 1.5mm steel housing
Armed with 38 high quality faders
Buttons rated at 50 million cycles
Guided by over 400 individual LEDs
Connected with built-in Wifi
Proven XLR and RJ45 connectors
Exclusive use of metal screws

Built to adapt

Support information is always up-to-date
Automatic notifications about updates
Extend software with the module store
Extend to 4 universes of DMX
Extend pages of devices and memories
Add control of position, gobos, and more
Flexible subscription or purchase options

Designed for security

Fine control of access to settings
Password secured settings area
Protect saved shows from being deleted
Restore settings to a known state
Quick and easy console lock
Intelligent autosave
Only updates software when you tell it 

Created for today

Software written completely from scratch
Modern touch interface design
Swipe, zoom, and tap like on a phone
Quick responsive touch technology
Access rayconsole.com directly from the
console to browse the latest features

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Technical Drawing

Q-Ray Console weight 6.5 kg

weight Power supply 0.4 kg

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