Extend Your System

One of the greatest advantages of Ray Console is that you can expand it along with your system. Out of the box it comes with plenty to get you started without paying for unnecessary capabilities. If one day you want to expand your system, just purchase or subscribe to the System Control or System Expert module below. Out of the box your Ray Console comes with:

  1 Universe with the Q-Ray Console 24
  2 Universes with the Q-Ray Console 36
  4 Pages of Memories
  1 Page of Devices
  512 Channels of DMX

System Control

Are you ready to expand your system across multiple universes of DMX? Perhaps you have a especially large show requiring extra equipment. With this System Control module you can really start testing what Ray Console can do. This module contains:

  4 Universes with the Q-Ray Console 24 and Q-Ray Console 36
  40 Pages of Memories
  10 Page of Devices
  1024 Channels of DMX

System Expert

Get the most out of your Ray Console with the System Expert module. Take full control of a large 8 universe system and unleash the full potential of your Ray Console. This module contains:

  8 Universes with the Q-Ray Console 24 and Q-Ray Console 36
  1000 Pages of Memories
  100 Page of Devices
  2048 Channels of DMX

Why 8 Universes but only 2048 Channels

The DMX protocol defines 512 channels per universe of DMX. Which would make you think that when 8 universes are enabled, then there would be 4096 channels available. However, with Ray Console you only have 2048. In reality it is very rare to use all the channels in a universe. Often devices are grouped together at regular intervals across the DMX universes. This makes a lot of sense, that way it is possible to add a couple of devices, without repatching your entire theatre.

For Ray Console, it is the number of patched channels, not the number of universes which uses up the consoles processing power. It would be a waste to reduce the number of universes because of the, probably unused, channels they contain. This means that with a small and inexpensive console, you can control devices across a massive 8 universes, while following standard professional practice.

What if I Downgrade?

If you have a subscription for System Control and you let that subscription expire, then the following will happen:
No devices will be deleted from your shows. The devices on the universes which are no longer available or that are over the limit of channels will still be there. They just will not output any DMX. You will simply have to repatch down to the number of channels and universes available by default on your console. The same goes for memories. The memories will not be deleted, however you will not be able to access or play them without upgrading again.