Add Language

Get the help you need in your own language. Use a language module to convert all help overlays to the language of your choice. With this module you can:

- Switch between your purchased languages
- Translates all help overlays
- Updates the onscreen keyboard with special characters

Currently available languages are:

- English (default and comes with your Ray Console)
- German

Get Help When You Need It

Every view and all key dialogue in the Ray Console software has it’s own Help Overlay. The Help Overlay gives you a couple of simple tips for getting started. Quickly start controlling lights, creating a sequence or tweaking settings. No scrolling through an endless manual to answer simple questions. Just tap the ? on-screen button or press the Help button. With Help Overlays you have the information you need right when and where you need it.

Get Help in Your Language

By default all the help overlays will be in English. With a Langauge module, you will be able to view the help overlays in a second or third language to the console. This allows you to have the help you need, when you need it and in your language.


Here are a few pictures of what the Help Overlay will look like when the console language is set to English.


Here are a few pictures of what the Help Overlay will look like when the console language is set to German.

Why Not Translate Everything?

You may ask why we did not translate the entire software. The main reason for this is that we cannot change the language of the physical buttons. This means that if we would translate the software of the console, you would have a weird missmatch between the software buttons and hardware buttons.

The second reason is that we want to keep the cost of the console under control. We prefer to spend our time developing amazing features that make your life easier, rather than translating everything into ten languages.

Request a Language

If you can't see your language listed on this page, then unfortunately we haven't made a help overlays in your language yet. Please let us know which language you require by sending us an email to