Saving Shows on Your Console

On Ray Console you can save your shows directly on the console. Out of the box it is possible to save up to 10 shows on the console.

If you run out of space on your console there are a number of options. You could delete old shows you no longer need. You can back up shows on a USB stick, and only keep shows you are actively working on in the console. Alternatively you can purchase or subscribe to a number of modules below and increase the maximum number of shows.

30 Medium Shows

Have you recently lost a show because you can't find it on any of your USB sticks? Save more and bigger shows directly on your console and avoid messing around with countless USB sticks. The 30 Medium Shows module enables you to save up to 30 shows on the console.

100 Large Shows

Make the most of the 16 GB internal memory inside your Ray Console and save the maximum number of large shows possible. Forget completely about using USB as a backup, with the module 100 Large Shows, you can save shows to your hearts content. With this module you can save up to 100 shows on the console.

What if I Downgrade?

If you have a subscription for 30 Medium Shows and you let that subscription expire, then the following will happen:
No shows will be deleted. If you have 25 shows saved on the console, they will remain on the console. However, you will not be able to save a new show until you have reduced the number of shows back down to 10.