Extend the functions and capacity of your console to fit your needs. All modules have a month free trial, after which they can be bought or rented. If you remove a module your show data will not be lost.

How Modules Work

Adaptable Software

You can easily subscribe to or purchase software modules to extend the functions of your console. By adding the modules that you require, you can tailor the console to your needs, while not paying for features you don’t need. The console will download a software update with every module purchase, just connect it to your local wifi network.

Choosing Modules

Modules can be chosen on this website by browsing the available modules. In the console software there is also the opportunity to choose modules. Modules will be offered whenever a function is selected that requires a module update. The website can also be accessed in the console directly from Settings / Get Modules.

Purchasing Modules

Modules can be purchased from the via a computer, tablet, phone or through the console itself. Modules are locked to the console hardware, so you will need to log into the website with your customer account, if not accessing the website from the console. There are two license options, modules can either be purchased or subscribed to on a monthly basis. If you are not sure if you need a module, we recommend the monthly subscription.

Installing and Using Modules

Once a module has been purchased or subscribed to, the module will be installed with the next software update. Simply connect the console to the internet, and run a software update. Every module comes with their own context help, as well as a chapter in the manual.

Disabling and Removing Modules

You can see which modules are installed by going to Settings / My Modules on the console. If you wish to turn off a module, simply select "Disable". Subscribed modules can be canceled via You will still be able to use shows created with a removed module, but some features will not be editable.