Ray Console Models

There are two models of Ray Console currently available. Scroll down to read features shared by all Ray Consoles or click the images to view technical details.

Is Ray Console for You?

Different consoles are made to be used in different situations, and Ray Console is just the same. Ray Console is great if you are just getting started with lighting. Ray Console is perfect for community installations where many different people with different levels of ability will use the console. Some of such installations might be found in:

Town Halls
School Halls
Mulitpurpose Halls
Houses of Worship
Small Theaters

Ray Console is the lighting console that accompanies you first show you light, until the day you quit your day job to become a full time lighting technician.

Engineered to Last

Strong metal housing, quality components, durable handrest

Find out why

Built to adapt

Ray Console was built to be simple and understandable. Therefore we did not want to crowed it with confusing functions. So, when you buy a Ray Console for your lighting system, it will be loaded with all the features you need. Perhaps you later rent some more advanced devices, e.g. Moving Heads or extend your system with ArtNet. Just log onto rayconsole.com to subscribe or purchase the modules you need. A quick update on your Ray Console and you can start working with your new gear.

Here are a few more ways in which Ray Console stays up to date:

Support information is always updated automatically
Software updates are automatically notificated
Your system can be extented with up to 4 universes of DMX
It is possible to add extra pages of devices and memories
It is possible to add control of position, gobos, and more
There are flexible subscription or purchase options

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Created for Today

Built from scratch, modern interactions, newest development techniques

Why is this unique

Designed for Security

Not everyone needs to change the patch or tweak the network settings. Infact, some people definitely should not. That is why Ray Console has a secured settings area where all critical settings are located. You can then decide who gets access to which settings by creating a user account with clearly defined access privilages. With this feature, only people you trust will be able to change important settings.

Here are some other ways that keep your system safe and secure:

Protect saved shows from being deleted
Restore settings to a known state
It is possible to lock the console quick and easy
Ray Console has an intelligent autosave function
You can undo anything you do

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Engineered to last

We understand that it is difficult to get approval for a new console just 5 years after it was purchased. That is why we have built a console that will easily last until the next time your hall is renovated in 15-20 years. How did we manage to do this. Ray Console is:

Shielded by a 1.5mm steel housing
Armed with 38 high quality faders
Equipped with Buttons rated at 50 million cycles
Armed with proven XLR and RJ45 connectors
Equipped with exclusive use of metal screws
Finished with a SWISSCDF handrest

Q-Ray Console 36     Q-Ray Console 24

Created for Today

The software has been written completely from scratch. This means that there is:

No dependency on old software
Modern touch interface design
Swipe, zoom and tap like on a phone
Quick responsive touch technology

Q-Ray Console 36     Q-Ray Console 24

36 faders
24 device faders
12 memory faders
cross faders
10.1” capacitive touch screen
XLR for desk lamp
3 x USB 2.0 connectors
2 x DMX out
Up to 4 Universes
Modular software

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26 faders
18 device faders
6 memory faders
cross faders
10.1” capacitive touch screen
XLR for desk lamp
3 x USB 2.0 connectors
2 x DMX out
Up to 4 Universes
Modular software

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