Colour Control Module

Ray Console has a simple, intuitive and helpful interface for controlling colours.

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The revolutionary new lighting design console with hardware built to last and modular software that can be moulded to your needs.  The simple, helpful and powerful Ray Console Software makes it easy to get started, regardless if you are lighting your first show or a complex production. The Q-Ray Console series comes in two sizes to best fit your needs. All consoles come with a 10“ capacitive touch screen and the modular Ray Console software. Both consoles are built out of quality steel and are finished with a luxurious hand rest for comfort.

Q-Ray Console 36  Q-Ray Console 24  Features 


Would you like to test or buy a Q-Ray Console? We are producing the first series right now in spring 2020. Please get in touch with one of our distributors to get a Q-Ray Console fresh of the production line:

Germany  Poland  Switzerland   France

Built to Adapt

Modular software, pick an choose fixtures, adapt Ray Console to your system

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Engineered to Last

Strong metal housing, quality components, durable handrest

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Designed for Security

Secure settings area, multiple leves of settings access, multple users with unique passwords

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Created for Today

Built from scratch, modern interactions, newest development techniques

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